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What Your Order Status Mean?

1. Order Under Process (OUP) – These are the orders which have been successfully placed on, but the online payment gateway has not yet approved or disapproved the payment status against the same. Please Note - Orders under this status will not be processed further till the time we receive payment confirmation details from the bank and the order status is moved to “Payment Received.” In case the payment has been deducted from customers card / Account and the order status on is “Order Under Process”, customers are requested to write to the customer service regarding the same.

2. Payment Received – These are the orders which have been successfully placed on for Home Delivery and the payment has been received by us via EasyPaisa.

4. Store Confirmation – In this state where article is available and store is confirmed for the same from where article will be picked and dispatched to the customer. Orders in this state will be invoiced, packed and couriered to the end consumer. Typically orders in this state should take 5 - 7 working days to reach the designated shipping address

5. Invoice Generated – In this order state the order has been successfully allocated to the store from where it would be couriered and the store has already generated the invoice for the same. The only process left after this is to ship the order to the customer.

6. Order Shipped – These are the orders which have been shipped from our stores to the end consumers. Customers would find the airway bill no., the courier name and the date of shipment against their orders in “Track Your Order” section. Customers can track their orders using the airway bill no. on the respective courier’s website. In case the orders is to be shipped to a location which is not serviced by our courier partners, the orders are brought to a central location from where they are dispatched to the customer’s address using Leopard Courier Service.

7. Order Delivered – These are the orders which have been delivered at the customers address, and we’ve obtained an electronic confirmation of the same. In case customers see their order/s in this state and have NOT received the same, please click here to write to our customer service team.

8. Cancelled Order – Though we endeavor to deliver all the orders received by us either through the website or our stores, there are some orders which are cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances, These orders are essentially cancelled due to following reasons – Product Out of Stock / Defective Product Size Not Available Payment Not Realized / Payment Declined Non Serviceable Location.

9. Payment Decline – These are orders against which the payment has been declined by EasyPaisa. Please note orders in this state would NOT be processed Some Common Reason Payment Declined Are: Invalid card details / expiry date Insufficient fund.

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